475 Brannan

A Century of History

Before SOMA was what it is today, ships once sailed right up to the back of 475 Brannan to unload pipes, nails, and timber for the reconstruction of San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake. Today this classic turn-of-the-century structure is one of SOMA's most desirable addresses, housing those on the leading edge of the 21st-century technical revolution.

475 Brannan Street
San Francisco, CA

243,605 SF


Baker Hamilton built 475 Brannan in 1907 to store heavy building materials. Its construction was so solid, in fact, that we were able to add two new floors to the building without changing the original foundation. Even the flooring itself is built to last, featuring old-growth 2×6 Douglas fir timbers set end-on-end in a butcher block style.

With 70,000–square foot floor plates that include an open air courtyard and balconies and 245,000 total square feet, the building was one of the first large spaces available to early tech companies.

Classic brick and timber construction balances the grit of early industrial design with the warmth of natural materials, and the high ceilings and large operable windows bring plentiful light, air, and sweeping views to all floors.