We got our start in 1992, when we set out to establish a different approach to development in the Bay Area. Since then, SKS has developed some of the most innovative and durable properties in the Bay Area, providing a variety of buildings for the industries and entrepreneurs who are changing the way we live our lives.

We excel at anticipating market trends.

At SKS, we value both analysis and intuition, and we use that balance to help us identify emerging socioeconomic trends, their impact, and needs. This put us at the forefront of development in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood in 1995 and is helping us meet the needs of the innovation economy.

We innovate instead of imitate.

Twenty-five years of investing has taught us about the power of adaptability and flexibility, qualities we demand from everyone we work with, even our own team. By championing creative and timeless design, we are able to create buildings that accommodate the evolving demand of specialized uses and remain in demand year after year.

We act responsibly.

We take our obligation to the community seriously and are concerned about the health of both our tenants and the surrounding neighborhood. Our projects rely on sustainable building practices to reduce their impact on the environment while offering state-of-the-art functionality. Over time we have developed extensive and enduring relationships that inform and enrich our work now.