1 De Haro

A New Building—A New Building Material

The 1 De Haro project is pioneering the use of cross-laminated timber (CLT) in California. Popular in Europe, CLT is an emerging building material engineered from layers of lumber boards (typically 2x6s) set at right angles to one another and laminated together to create panels used in floor, roof and wall assemblies. The resulting panels have the structural capacity of concrete and are also quite sustainable.

133,427 SF

Office/Light Industrial

CLT and a rooftop photovoltaic system are two of the key features that will help 1 De Haro reach its goal of LEED Gold certification.

Designed by Pfau Long Architecture, the building is located at the intersection of San Francisco’s SOMA, Potrero Hill, and Showplace Square districts. The project is a 4-story, 60-ft tall building which, due to local zoning considerations, will have office uses on the upper floors and light industrial uses on the ground floor and mezzanine. The upper floors will be built from CLT, allowing the exposed panels to provide a beautiful, warm, natural wood finish. The ground floor will be built from concrete, offering 20-foot tall ceilings and a welcoming mezzanine space that is well suited to production, distribution, and repair uses.

Construction started in 2019 and once finished, this project will be the first mass timber building in San Francisco to use CLT, and the first multi-story CLT building of its type in California.