Bryant Square

Our First Residential Project

With seven buildings on a full city block, Bryant Square in San Francisco’s North-East Mission Industrial Zone was one of our largest undertakings as well as the site of our first residential project. The property is bordered by 19th, 20th, Bryant, and York Streets.

Bryant St & 19th St
San Francisco, CA

145,000 SF


A historic, two-story masonry structure built in 1879 for the Golden Gate Woolen Mill runs along the York Street side.

The mill was converted in 1999 to 45 residential lofts designed by Pfau Long Architecture. Their design features open floor plans and high ceilings, along with details like exposed brick, heavy wood trusses, and sliding metal doors that define turn-of-the-century industrial spaces.

The rest of the property contained renovated and newly constructed office space, 8,000 square feet of landscaping, and two-and-a-half levels of below-grade parking. Changing market conditions affected our plans, and in 2003 we re-entitled the property to accommodate 77 residential units.