Berkeley Space Center

A new home for advanced research and innovation in Silicon Valley

Through Berkeley Space Center, UC Berkeley and SKS Partners will create a constellation of innovation where breakthrough ideas become world-changing products and services. The proposed development will be 1.4 million square feet of cutting-edge office, R&D and academic space, making Berkeley Space Center California’s definitive innovation address. Located within NASA Research Park, the property benefits from direct access to global tech leaders, including NASA, Google, Microsoft and Silicon Valley’s top research and educational institutions. By pairing public and private sector tenants with nearby organizations and resources, Berkeley Space Center will create a research and academic community where creative collisions occur at every turn.

Moffett Field
Cody Road, Mountain View

1.4 million SF

Office/Light Industrial

With best-in-class facilities, including robust lifestyle and commercial amenities, Berkeley Space Center will attract leaders across the private sector and academia. Global innovators will draw from the disciplines of aeronautics, aerospace, quantum computing, biology, social sciences and deep tech. Here, they have the resources, infrastructure and critical mass needed to transform industries and better the world.

Berkeley Space Center is an opportunity to redefine how large-scale developments are designed, constructed and managed not just from the ground up, but from the underground up. The site will further a low carbon future, implementing the latest in regenerative infrastructure that addresses today’s needs while anticipating tomorrow’s demands.